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Paper Cutter Support

Click Here To Download The New Cutter Manual

The first video below shows the basic operation of the paper cutter. Please note this was filmed on an older model and some design changes have been made since then.


The video below shows what to do in the event that your clamp becomes seized. It is a simple repair and only takes a couple minutes to complete.


The video below shows how to adjust the clamp so that it is level. It also covers removing the blade for sharpening and replacing. NOTE 3/1/2016: The blade splint has been changed and is now the lid portion of the tool box. See photos below.


The video below shows how to re-align the blade to match the grid on the cutter. The blade can become misaligned if the cutter is handled improperly during shipping, or as parts wear over time from a lot of use.


When the blade is fully down it should be even across the red cutting stick. If it isn't, there is a way to adjust is. First try turning the cutting stick to a fresh side. It can be rotated 8 ways before it needs to be replaced. On the bottom (underneath) of the cutter there are 2 bolts that go horizontally into the side of the cutting stick. Loosen those and push the stick out through the top of the cutter. Turn to a fresh side and put back.

If that doesn't help..
Please check the video on this page to see how to remove the side access panel.
Once you have that off, you will need to look at the back end of the cutter (where the hinge is) and you will see a silver metal plate with three bolts aligned vertically. Loosen the top and bottom bolt only, also note at the top of the silver plate there is a small set screw. Adjust the entire silver plate (which will move the entire hinge) up and down to level the blade on the red cutting stick. It should be level at contact, but the blade does not move in a level motion to make cutting easier.

Once level tighten the bolts back up.



At the end of the channel where the cutting guide slides there is a black plastic cap. This cap is screwed in from underneath the cutter.
1. Remove the screw and pull out the end cap
2. Twist the knob counter clockwise until it disengages the square nut in the channel
3. Tilt the cutter to get the old square nut out, and remove the knob from the top
4. Hold the new square nut to the top of the channel with your finger, screw the new knob into the square nut with the washer in place

DESIGN UPDATE 1/1/2016: Toolbox & Blade Holder
There has been a design change with our cutters. The movable file now has a built-in tool box which holds the extra screws and allen wrench for the cutter. The lid for the toolbox now acts as the blade holder. See photos below:




Replacement Parts List:

Movable Fence Knob Replacement

17" Cutter Blade - Old Version (19.25" Blade Length)
17" Cutter Blade - New Version (20" Blade Length)
17" Red Cutting Stick

12" Blade
12" Red Cutting Stick


Click Here To Download The New Cutter Manual